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Adrian, a 29-Year-old dental nurse currently working with Holyrood Dental Care after completing a Dental nursing apprenticeship with Mentor Training.

He first found out about dental nursing apprenticeships through a friend, who told him about the course run by Mentor Training and the practical way it is facilitated. This prompted Adrian to contact Mentor Training Centre to find out more about the course and the enrolment process.

Adrian said “I was intrigued from the first moment I have heard about it, so it did not take much time for me to write an email to the company to see about enrolling in the course. The response was almost immediate and by the time I knew I was a happy student of Mentor”

Work, earn and learn

Adrian chose a Dental Nursing apprenticeship rather than going to college to gain a more personal hands-on approach with patients and get more in clinic experience as a dental nurse.  Adrian found that the most exciting part of his work is working with the team. He adds Throughout my day I learn many new things from my colleagues and by gaining this everyday hands-on experience I feel more prepared for any possibility that the day can bring”.

When asked about the best part of completing an apprenticeship in Dental Nursing Adrian says that From a practical point of view, I like the fact that the apprenticeship is a paid learning opportunity therefore, I do not require any additional financial support. Another big advantage of my apprenticeship is the tutor-student time I received from my leading dentist, team, and my personal tutor. Anytime I struggled with the units I could ask them for help, and I did not have to wait long before they got back to me with an answer”

He adds After graduating from Mentor Training course, I feel like a well-established professional with an experience I now feel more confident in performing my work to the highest level”.

Adrian’s employer at Holyrood Dental Care are very impressed with his skills and dedication to work. Adrian’s employer says “'Adrian is a valued member of Holyrood Dental Care team. He is very well organised, always focused on delivering a high standard of care and real team player.

Adrian makes a great atmosphere for the patients. He is great in multitasking, apart from being an excellent dental nurse, he quickly picked up the 'art' of running a front desk when it's needed.'


Gender doesn’t matter

As a male working in Dental nursing a female dominated sector, Adrian says that gender is not an important factor in the job and that both males and females are equally suitable to do the job.

“Since female employees take up the majority of dental nursing staff it almost seems like they can be the only one doing the job. However, I would encourage men to apply for dental nursing if they, like me, like to help others and would like to keep progressing in their career. This course opened the door to brighter future for me since I can continue to study or deepen my expertise through everyday clinic practice”

Case Study

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